Ring Change for Sunday
The Mini Prix and the Grand Prix will be held in the CMJ Ring, the Mini Prix at 9am and the Grand Prix at 1pm. Opening ceremonies will be at 11am.
Check Out procedure
If you had to leave last night and were unable to check out due to the power failure please email Julie for a copy of your statement. julie.agar@comcast.net
Check Daily for the updated Daily Schedule Below
Daily Schedule with Counts
CMJ Ring Orders

Horse Show Officials
Carol Coleman
Jay Mullen
Eleanor Bright
Jackie Gazzara
Course Designers
Olaf Petersen
Mauricio Garcia Ballesteros
Thomas Hern
Cindy Dougherty
Competition Management
Jeff Papows, Ph.D.
Horse Show Manager
Tom Hern
Show Secretary
Julie Agar - 248-892-6806
Horse Show Staff
Stabling Manager
Mathew Brayman
Office Staff
Michael Howell
Mike Lowery
Show Veterinarian
Rood and Riddle
Last Updated: 2018 Aug 19 06:28 PM

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