USEF Requirements
You will not be entered in any classes if the following USEF requirements are not in order. Please don't find out that you are not in your classes because you have not met these requirements. Classes MUST be deleted for any horse/person that is not up to date on USEF requirements. All horses must be Microchipped and that microchip number must be recorded with USEF. All Adults must have completed SAFE SPORT TRAINING. All Adult Amateur riders must be members and must have signed Amatuer statement. If you have not renewed your membership we MUST and will charge non member fees, in most cases membership is optional. Those who are required to be members will not be allowed to enter classes that require membership. It is your responsibility to know whether you are a member, if you need to renew it can be easily done on the Exhibitors Terminal in the office. Please enter all of your classes for the next day no later than 30 minutes after the last class finishes or by 5pm, whichever comes FIRST.
To Reserve Stalls at World Equestrian
Please use Stabling, Feed and Bedding option on this site or print the mailable form below and follow the directions on the form. Stalls cannot ever be ordered on your horses entry form, whether it's online or mailed to World Equestrian Center Shows. Failure to use the trainer name will certainly result in stalls in different locations. To get the discounted stall rate of $75 for showing horses you must prepay by mailing a check or pay a $75 Entry Deposit on your online entry provided you already have a confirmed stall. This can be done at the time you reserve your stalls or you can do it within 2 weeks of the show by paying an entry deposit of $75 if you already have a confirmed stalls. You can also mail a check 2 weeks or more before the horse show. An open check or credit card information does not qualify as prepaid. If you have any trouble do not hesitate to call Julie for help. 248-892-6806
Stall locations
Daily Schedule with Counts
Sanctuary Orders
RL Orders

Horse Show Officials
Frank Willard
Chris Wynne
Skip Thornbury
Victoria Veale
Shawn Fraser
Competition Management
Arena Horse Shows LLC
Horse Show Manager
Brandon Saxton
Show Secretary
Julie Agar 248-892-6806
Horse Show Staff
Stabling Managers
Caroline Smith -
Caroline Smith
Show Farrier
Mike Blankenship - 513-368-0313
United States Equestrian Federation Premier Hunter/Level 4 Jumper
See Organization Website for additional Approvals
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