It is our policy going forward, per IRS requirements, at the World Equestrian Center that ALL horses at every show will be required to fill out a W9 in order to have prize money awarded. The software will withhold all prize money by default and not release it until you verify the taxpayer at EVERY show. All W9's are verified thru the IRS website, this is time consuming and for that reason we will not be verifying any tax information on Sundays. Be sure to see us early in the week to release your prize money, it will not be released on Sunday so you will have to pay your account in full and wait for a check to be mailed once the IRS verification process has been completed. Please do not assume if you did it in a previous week that you are done as it is not the case. A taxpayer cannot be permanently attached to a horse because in many cases a horse has a different responsible party from week to week. This MUST be done every week. See below for W9 or they can be obtained in the show office lobby.
Leading Young Professional Rider - $5000 Equijet Certificate
Equijet will be sponsoring a leading professional rider 30 years and under award. The rider that accumulates the most points from January 1st, 2019 will recieve a $5000 voucher from Equijet. Points will be calculated using 10-6-4-2-1-1/2 and all under saddle classes are excluded. If you see a (30U) after your name it indicates we are tracking your points. If you should have a (30U) after your name and don't please let Julie know right away.
Checking Out on Sunday
All horses must leave a check or credit card on file. All accounts must be settled EVERY WEEK in full upon the conclusion of the final class on Sunday, those that do not check out or leave an open check to be filled out by the office will be charged a $50 late check out fee.
Stall Locations
Week Long Revised Schedule
Daily Schedule with Counts
Sanctuary Orders
R&L Orders
Roberts Orders

Horse Show Officials
Scott Fitton
Mike Rosser
Robert McKune (Jumpers)
George H Thornbury (Jumpers)
Candy Fraley
Doug Curry
Competition Management
Arena Horse Shows LLC
Horse Show Manager
Brandon Saxton
Show Secretary
Julie Agar 248-892-6806
Horse Show Staff
Stabling Manager
Caroline Smith -
Show Veterinarian
Holly Helbig - 330-807-2643
Show Farrier
Mike Blankenship - 513-368-0313
United States Equestrian Federation Premier Hunter/Level 4 Jumper
See Organization Website for additional Approvals
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