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Please be very careful to check your Trainers Report/Entries as there will be NO SAME DAY ADDS in the RL Ring and likely there will be no adds to the Roberts Arena later in the week. The computers are locked an will not allow adds on the same day.
Prize Lists, Stall Reservation Form, etc
Stalls can be ordered online thru your HorseShowing.com account (no charge) using the Stalls/Feed Bedding menu item or by submitting the printable stall reservation form below following the directions on the form. Stalls are never available on entries. If you are using the online system and wish to mail an open check to hold your stalls then be sure to select CHECK as your payment method, otherwise you will be required to pay at the time of ordering with a credit card. Be careful to order stalls under the same unique trainer name if you wish the stalls to be located in the same place.
Stall Reservation Form
Entry Form
Week Long Schedule
Stall Locations
Daily Schedule with Counts
Sanctuary Orders

Horse Show Officials
Horse Show Manager
TJ Campbell
Show Secretary
Julie Agar
Horse Show Staff
Stabling Manager
Kelley Douglas
United States Equestrian Federation
United State Hunter Jumper Association
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