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Stalls are not available, please confirm with to be sure you are on David Orlando's spreadsheet.

See Prize List below. Please compete your entries on Entries do not close until a week before the show in an effort to have them arrive accurate. Please do your entries at the EARLIEST time that you are sure you are entering the correct horse barring understandable unforeseen events. Please do not hesitate to call if you need assistance with doing your entries online. The service will charge $1 per show day ($5) or $25 per horse (makes most sense for most multiple week exhibitors) for an unlimited 365 day subscription to all shows that use ShowPro.
Prize List
Week Long Schedule
Sunday Daily Schedule with Counts
Grand Arena Orders of Go
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Top 12 in Hunter Classics
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Horse Show Officials
Horse Show Manager
TJ Campbell
Show Secretary
Julie Agar
Horse Show Staff
Stabling Manager
David Orlando
Office Staff
Brett Waters
Derek Schlaud
Jessica Keil
National Snaffle Bit Association
Ohio Hunter Jumper Association
Ohio Professional Horseman's Association
Indiana Hunter Jumper Association
Illinois Hunter Jumper Association
Wisconsin Hunter Jumper Association
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